Bugatti Veyron

Added 26/9/2011

French supercarmaker Bugatti in collaboration with Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur has released unique version of Bugatti Veyron – Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc. It’s the world’s first vehicle with porcelain elements in exterior and interior design. “At first, it seems to be an unusual idea to use porcelain in a car, especially in the world’s fastest convertible,” comments Dr. Stefan Brungs, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles.

“But this is what Bugatti stands for: the realization of exceptional ideas whilst striving for the utmost in quality and aesthetics. This allows us to continue Ettore Bugatti’s heritage, who himself loved to experiment with new materials.” Porcelain is used in seven locations on the L’Or Blanc, including the wheel centers, fuel and oil filler caps, and the large “EB” badge on the back. Five places inside the cabin are rendered in porcelain as well: the center-console surround; signed trim plates on each side of the center console; the removable, diamond-polished dish atop the center console; and a relief between the seatbacks depicting an elephant standing on its hind legs. According to Bugatti, that elephant was the inspiration for the partnership between Bugatti and KPM. This gorgeous, elaborately hand-painted blue-and-white Bugatti is still available for purchase for €1.65 million.

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